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Groin Hernia Repair

Groin hernias typically should be repaired electively because of the risk of strangulation, which results in higher morbidity (and possible mortality in older patients).
The groin hernias are inguinal & femoral hernia.
Asymptomatic inguinal hernias in men can be observed; if symptoms develop, they can be repaired electively.
An incarcerated or strangulated hernia of any kind requires urgent surgical repair.

How to be performed:
Repair may be through a standard incision or laparoscopically.
Nowadays, the laparoscopic repair is preferable as well as the implementation of synthetic mesh.

Risks & complications:
The main Groin hernia surgery repair complications are Spermatic cord injury and orchitis in male subject, hematoma, groin nerves injury.
Dr. Weiss with discuss widely the procedure upon your visit.