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Gastric Roux-en Y bypass

Gastric Roux-en Y bypass

This is a laparoscopic bariatric surgery used to treat severe obesity. It is especially recommended for patients who have a 40+ Body Mass Index (BMI) and/or suffer from medical conditions that are associated with morbid obesity. The surgeon staples off a part of the upper stomach reducing it into an egg-sized pouch. Then, the surgeon forms a Y shape by attaching this small pouch directly to the Roux limb which is a part of the small intestine. This way, not only you are consuming less food, but also fats and calories now bypass most of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine without getting fully absorbed.
Gastric bypass helps patients lose about 100 pounds of excess weight and lowers the risk for life-threatening weight-related health issues.

Umbilical Hernia repair

An umbilical hernia occurs when part of your intestine bulges through the opening in your abdominal muscles near your bellybutton (navel). Umbilical hernias are common and typically harmless.

Umbilical hernias are most common in infants, but they can affect adults as well. In an infant, an umbilical hernia may be especially evident when the infant cries, causing the bellybutton to protrude. This is a classic sign of an umbilical hernia

Being overweight or having multiple pregnancies may increase the risk of developing an umbilical hernia and this type of hernia tends to be more common in women.

Complications can occur when the protruding abdominal tissue becomes trapped (incarcerated) and can no longer be pushed back into the abdominal cavity. This reduces the blood supply to the section of trapped intestine and can lead to abdominal pain and tissue damage.

How to be performed:
Repair may be through a standard incision or laparoscopicall
Nowadays, the laparoscopic repair is preferable as well as the implementation of synthetic mesh.

Risks & complications:
The main Umbilical hernia surgery repair complications are hematoma, seroma and infection.
Dr. Weiss with discuss widely the procedure upon your visit.